How to improve the user experience of Google Groups

Tarik Ozket
Jul 8, 2015 · 2 min read

I have membership in many Google Groups and receive a lot of emails from those groups during a day. Being member of many groups helped me to discover a pattern recently:

  1. Someone asks a question or starts a discussion in the group
  2. All subscribers receive it as an email
  3. Someone replies all
  4. Another one replies all
  5. Another one says “Please don’t use ‘Reply All’ button”

What is the problem?

Half of the people thinks their reply worth to send everyone in the group and other half thinks people should not use “Reply All” button at all. Also, some people want to receive everyone’s thoughts about that specific topic.

How to solve it?

As far as I know, Google Groups doesn’t have any “Follow the topic” feature which is really needed.

There could be a link called “Follow this topic” which will appear at the bottom of the first email and let you follow the topic and receive “Reply All” emails from that specific topic.

I hope it was clear for all of you. I also hope, people who is responsible of improving Google products’ user experience could see this and solve the problem.

Tarik Ozket

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