Marketing should not be an afterthought

There is still a view that marketing only happens at the end once the product or service has been created.

This was the case when billboards and print were the only forms of media. Today in 2017 there are still a huge number of organisations, big and small, whose approach has not evolved, despite the advances in technology, corporate culture and social media to (name a few).

Marketing is not a sticker that you attach to your product or service. In most cases, taking this approach highlights the lack of importance you have assigned to your marketing efforts.

Most organisations involve marketing at the end of the development process or, even worse once they realise that no one is interested. Instead talk about the problem being solved and the story behind how it took shape from conception. Marketing the final shiny product still seems to be the default position for most marketers.

Let’s go back to basics. Marketing takes place when people talk about your product or service, and engage with you. To get them talking, they need to understand why it exists in the first place.

Marketing is increasingly less about advertising and more about the idea and story.

Marketing starts right at the beginning when you’re developing the idea. Get your marketing team on board right from the start. Invite them to your meetings, let them listen; share your thought process with them. Not only will it save valuable time and money, it will allow them to start building the story from the start.

In the end, they may just produce a sticker. But it will tell the story behind the idea, the reason why your product or service exists.