How to Avoid Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are really common issues with active people. Especially ins ports like weight lifting, baseball or basketball. Shoulder joint is the most movable joint in human body and as such is really common place of overloading. We are going to share with you few important things that can help you avoid injuries and issues with your shoulders.

  1. Workout your rear shoulder muscles

Most people do a lot of bench pressing and many sets of shoulder exercises for instance lateral shoulder rising. However one of the biggest issues is skipping to train your real deltoids. Skipping them might seem like not an important thing to consider, but so many people have suffered the effect of that mistake. Working your front shoulder, with exercises like bench pressing and other exercises that strengthen and develop your shoulders increases their strength and size but also tightens them, which leads to moving a little bit the joint out of its normal position. This then increases the injury chance and also damages the joint. Working your rear deltoids will reduce the chance of such an effect on your shoulder joints.

2.Perform stretches
Many of the injuries happen because of some sort of muscle imbalances in the shoulders. Stretching will relieve the tension and will improve the condition of your shoulder muscles. Stretching is really important for active people to keep their muscles healthy.

3.Draw your shoulder blades together
This is really important part for people that have been experiencing some sort of shoulder cracking or pain during exercising. Drawing your shoulder together when performing an exercise keeps the joint at its normal position and decreases the chance of injuries, because the joint is at its strongest position. Pushing your shoulders up is really harmful and increases the risk of injury drastically.

4.Give your shoulders some rest
When you work out for a lot of time, your muscles might improve their condition, but the joints need a lot more time to recover, so consider giving your shoulder joints few days or even a week to get some rest. This will help them recover and might help you avoid shoulder injuries in that area.

5.Learn the proper form of the exercises
Improper form is really harmful, especially since it allows you to lift a lot more weight and thus increases the chance of injury. Learning how to perform the exercise is really important. On one side to help you progress and on the other to help you avoid injuries. We would recommend you to find a professional fitness instructor and to ask him to teach you how to perform exercises that include pushing (bench press, dumbbell press, flies, shoulder presses and etc.)