Build An Economy For Your Community Through Native Platform

I want to share today very unique platform named Native. So first I want to let clear about native.
Native Provides the fundamental structure for valuing and operating Communities through their own local currencies and a set of decision-making tools; in addition, native provides templates which suit various types of communities’ needs to ensure that even those with limited economic and technical knowledge can participate in emerging financial economies.

Communities are the building blocks of Native. Any local or digital collective who gather around a common interest or mission can create a community on native.


There are 3 core benefits to starting a community.

  1. Raise capital through token issuance, replacing traditional fundraising models such as bank loans, VC and crowdfunding.

2. Ability to make collective decisions through on native platform polling feature.

3. Recognition of and ability to redeem the value within a global frame network.

User Types:

  1. Curators: Curators are trusted administrators of Communities. They have the most thorough knowledge of a community’s initial vision and act as a filter to ensure that only relevant and potentially beneficial content is added for members to view and vote on. Additionally, Curators approve or deny work completed by Community Members.
  2. Members: Members join Communities that align with their values, interest, and goals. Membership enables rights. Members are the ultimate decision-makers for capital deployment and critical decisions. They also have the power to replace the curator if necessary. Members can join and participate in multiple communities.

Native Token(NTV) is the base currency for all other currencies on native. It also provides Membership to the native community. Initially, NTV holds a Reserve in Bancor Network token (BNT). It may be determined that a combination of tokens held in reserve may be most suitable for Native’s needs. Native reserves the right to modify if agreed upon through a Community Poll.

You can discover your desire community here and if you want to join your suitable community you can also do that. Personally, I like movies that is why I want to join the Imaginal Films community. Each and every community has a Community member fee. you can see details Here:

Watch This Video About Native: