Tarl Robinson, Founder and CEO of Plexus Worldwide

Tarl Robinson is founder and CEO of Plexus Worldwide®, an international pioneer in the health and wellness and direct sales industries. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, under Tarl’s leadership “The Health and Happiness Company” has quickly expanded from a one-product, health kit offering available only in the United States to a diverse portfolio comprised of over 20 wellness products, including the fan-favorite “Pink Drink”, and sold worldwide.

Raised by two parents who worked as full-time distributors for a network marketing firm, Tarl’s love for the direct sales industry began at an early age. After becoming a distributor for a health and nutritional direct sales company while still in college, Tarl discovered a zest for entrepreneurship as he was able to quickly expand his business from the ground up through hard work and commitment. It is also at this time that Tarl developed his deep passion for the opportunity that the direct sales industry can provide to anyone brave enough to chase their dream.

After graduating, Tarl moved to Arizona to further build upon his diverse skillset and to begin building his own business- an estate management firm, which oversaw multi-million-dollar clients, trusts, and their entities. With over two decades of experience in the direct sales industry, Tarl has lead Plexus® into the 21st Century and has set the company on a path to becoming the 38th-largest direct selling company in the world.

Outside of his work overseeing daily operations at Plexus®, Tarl enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, and every now and then, playing a mediocre round of golf. Born in Washington State, Tarl is also an avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks and can often be found cheering his team along.