Slovenia Round-Trip Day 2: Bled

This entry is part of the series about my vacation in Slovenia. If you missed it, maybe consider reading from the start.

On the second day of my vacation I went to explore Bled and — of course — capture some of the magic that has inspired so many photographers before me.

Blejski Grad and Župnijska cerkev sv. Martina in Bled

While I tried to get some good shots of Blejski grad (Bled castle) and Župnijska cerkev sv. Martina (St. Martins church) it started raining. When it became obvious that the weather has more patience than me, I decided to ignore the rain and head up to the church. It is quite beautiful, with a very clean and modest style that mostly consists of colourful windows and frescos.

Exiting the church I steered towards the stairs up to the castle. The last part of the “climb” follows the old road that was built from roughly hewn rocks and is still mostly intact. Within a few minutes of my arrival in the courtyard the weather cleared up a little and I could take photos without fear of drowning my camera. As expected, the castle provides a perfect view over the lake and the island.

Blejsko jezero (Lake Bled)

The castle itself is also quite interesting. All its buildings are well maintained and open to visitors. I spent a couple of hours here alternating between taking photos and waiting for another rain shower to pass. At some point I even got an impressive demonstration of what mountain climate is capable of: within ten to fifteen minutes the entire valley was hidden by a thick fog and just as quickly it was gone again. You always here about these sudden changes, but experiencing it live is still surprising.

The remaining daylight I used for a full trip around the lake, which is roughly 6 km. Took me a long time, however, as I stopped constantly to take yet another shot of the island. By now I should probably consider rendering all these photos into a 3D model, because nobody wants to see them individually, I’m sure.

After a nice dinner at the restaurant attached to the guesthouse I’ve been staying in I headed back out for the night session I had planned and experimented with long exposures. This is so much more fun when you have such a ridiculously photogenic motif as Bled castle.

As I mentioned in my last post, I only have the photos taken with my phone readily available at the moment, so don’t be confused about the poor quality and small number.

New additions to my vocabulary:

  • ja — yes (very easy for a German!)
  • ne — no
  • oprosti — sorry
  • Pozor! — Danger!
  • adijo — see you/bye (casual)

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