Recurring Numbers or Number Combinations?

I have been seeing 11:11 for a few weeks now. This is all about making a new start and leaving the past behind. I need to walk my own path and put my creative talents to good use.

2’s — there is a need to heal my unresolved emotions, love myself and work on my relationships. There is a need for healing, harmony and balance. I also need to trust my intuition and develop my psychic abilities (I have just started a course on this).

17’s — a combination of making a new start and also a need to spend quiet time alone, focus on my health and focus on my spiritual development.

If you are seeing 3’s — have fun, be more social and take up a new hobby.
4’s — create more stability in your life, work hard and make a commitment.
5’s — prepare for change, break free from restraints and think about travel.
6’s — love yourself, focus on your health and get a makeover.
8’s — focus on your career, be positive and accept the recognition that is coming your way.
9’s — prepare for endings and completion, forgive yourself and others and be compassionate.

If you are are seeing any recurring number combinations, then just listen to the combined messages from the single numbers.

Go to and join my club for those who want Tarot in their lives. I am taking a break from ‘proper’ blogging, as I am struggling with my ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia — but will be doing some microblogging on here and social media, plus exclusive content for my email list.

Get in touch if you are seeing a recurring number or combination, and would like a personal explanation of its meaning.

Ali x

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