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Before knowing about the Major Arcana tarot cards, one must know — tarot cards and what are the types of tarot cards?

Tarot cards are often used for prophecy. The images and symbols that this card represents are studied extensively it is foretelling the future by using these cards.

Some people say that tarot card reading is like playing the 52 card game of rummy or poker; while others say these cards are for divination. A normal card game has a deck of 52 cards in all and the major ones are 13 cards which are called ‘TRUMP’. Same is for Tarot cards, they are 78 in number.

But, there are two types of tarot cards- Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are Trump cards and it is a total of 22 cards. The Minor Arcana are 56 in number.

These cards used to forecast the future for career, love, finance, etc.

List of Major Arcana Cards

Each Major and Minor Arcana tarot card has a meaning. Major Arcana depicts a person or several people along with lot of elements carrying symbolic significance. In some of the Arcana decks, Roman numbers are also imprinted over top of each card.

Name and numbers are -

0 — The Fool,

I — The Magician,

II — The High Priestess,

III — The Empress,

IV — The Emperor,

V — The Hierophant,

VI — The Lovers,

VII — The Chariot,

VIII — Strength,

IX — The Hermit,

X — Wheel of Fortune,

XI — Justice,

XII — The Hanged Man,

XIII — Death,

XIV — Temperance,

XV — The Devil,

XVI — The Tower,

XVII — The Star,

XVIII — The Moon,

XIX — The Sun,

XX — Judgement,

XXI — The World

Tarot is not just a word- it is future and life. Each Tarot card has its own meaning, value, and significance. And among them the tarot cards which play a significant role in shaping our lives are Major Arcana Cards. Let’s take a look at the meaning of each Major Arcana card in detail.

(0) The Fool

The Fool tarot card has a rank of 0 in all 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards but it creates self-power or says it ignites beliefs in our self-power. Fool card shows us to dream high and get there without others’ consent or help. It also has a carefree nature. In a Tarot card reading session, if the first card is The Fool, then it shows that a new era is going to begin in one’s life journey.

(I) The Magician

Magician card represents positivity, confidence, and getting spiritual powers from the inner soul. It also depicts new beginnings with positivity that helps people getting out of a situation in a magical way. The appearance of The Magician is a sign that your dreams are going to manifest soon. It brings with itself the suffice energy and resources which are important to make your dreams a reality.

(II) The High Priestess

This card tells that you are going to unveil something like a secret or any hidden truth. This secret or this truth lies in your subconscious self. The High Priestess card tells you to let the inner soul of yours find a way to expose the hidden secrets. This card is your guide to spiritual exploration within yourself. It is your dose of encouragement that tells you, that you are doing good and you are on the right path.

(III) The Empress

The Empress represents love, care, birth, and the art of creation of life. The featured thing for The Empress card is its planet that is Venus. Venus is the planet of love. The Empress indicates that it’s that time where you can get closer to the feminine features of yours. If ‘The Empress’ Card comes in the reading then there is a possibility that some good news is on its way.

(IV) The Emperor

The Emperor card depicts a powerful masculine power behind your success in life. It represents an authoritative figure like your father or and other influential person. It also illustrates that you need to apply an enormous intramural strength that may help you to lead with greater responsibilities. This card asks you to be a visioner and planner. Planning with discipline and strategy will help you achieve your goal.

(V) The Hierophant

The Hierophant, is also known as The Pope in some major tarot decks. The card is most prominent to knowledge, education and also intellect. It’s also attached with traditional side held by a spiritual man. It’s been said that the person who gets this card is bounded within the spirituals customs with a specified pattern.

(VI) The Lovers

The first word which comes in mind after getting this card is LOVE. It’s the card which reflects that love is changing the relationship and how it’s going to work between two people. If The Lovers card appears, then it signifies that there must be some decisions that are needed to be taken calmly in close relationships. This also shows that your heart rules over the mind.

(VII) The Chariot

The Chariot card shows a token which indicates that victory is there for sure but only after hard work and struggle. It gives the enlightenment that one should keep doing the efforts and they will surely find success. The card is a sign of some unexpected good news. If this card shows up then you will definitely get what you are searching for but it demands you to be focused.

(VIII) Strength

If this card makes an appearance then it not only represents the physical powers but also the enormous inner powers. It indicates that you work incredibly in the tremendous pressure and that only will lead you to the path of success. If health is the issue then this card signals an improvement in the same. It wants you to keep a control on your emotions of anger, and instant reactions.

(IX) The Hermit

This card divulges the need for introspection, self-analysis and wishes for peace and privacy. It warns that eagerness should not be judged and advice should be taken from a reliable person, specifically a spiritual one, and then make the right decision. A hidden warning is there that no decision should be taken hastily or promptly.

(X) Wheel of Fortune

The 10th Tarot card is Wheel of Fortune which shows destiny; it means the fortuitous and golden future. In it, positions can be changed and powerful things can be predicted. The rise of this powerful card ends up current problems by the efforts made in the past. It works on the law of karma. The fortune can make you rich and the same Wheel of Fortune can bring you back to dust.

(XI) Justice

Justice and honesty are the most important keys in this tarot card and balance should deliver in every case. It’s the 11th card in the Major Arcana cards. This card is the card of Karma. If you have done something wrong in the past then get ready to face the aftermath of your past acts. It will help you out in making the correct decision in every aspect of life.

(XII) The Hanged Man

This symbol is the sacrifice of self, whether it’s emotional or any other. It asks you to mold according to the prospects. This card’s symbol is pressure and anxiety. It’s time to take self-control, and not to worry. It also indicates making the sacrifice for getting something done. Delays might happen when this card appears. It tells you to slow down and let things unfold on their own.

(XIII) Death

The Death is not at all related to someone’s death but it does mean that an end is about to come. It can be of any work or any imperfect relationship. Most often it symbolizes the end of the old past and the beginning of a new journey of life. This card is also an auspicious indicator for those who are starting their life with a partner.

(XIV) Temperance

If Temperance tarot card emerges, it directly indicates one’s self-control to settle the situation with a calm mind. This can help one out in getting a positive result. This card is the symbol of handling things with calm, balance and patience. It says, now is not the time to get into any turmoil. It suggests taking decisions with a composed mind.

(XV) The Devil

If this card comes up from the deck this means that you are stuck in some kind of desires, greed wants, and addiction. This card shows that you are living in a world which is full of fear and you do not want to come out of this repression. This card also shows that the control of all your actions in your hands. Whatever situation you will put yourself in, it will be a consequence of your own doings.

(XVI) The Tower

The Tower is indicative of the very fear of a person. There is a bit of a positive side in relation to this card. Although this is the card which is known to shake things up and bring everything down but it also gives a chance to you to build a better future from scratch. It, in a way represents the start of a new journey.

(XVII) The Star

The Star card is a sign of the perfect time in many ways. This card is also used as a welcome card in the deck. In this, the person has hopes and blessings, and also faithfulness and mental peace. This card influences you and lets you believe in yourself. It shows you that the future is coming with lots of good news and you have got all the blessings from the stars.

(XVIII) The Moon

The Moon shows that you may have suffered from a difficult past. Having said that, you still sense that fear and are worried if your present and future will be similar to your past. This card symbolically represents a light coming from the Moon which helps one to overcome their fear, keeping in mind the power of intuition. But sometimes it shows that the person is moving forward as per its subconscious and not as per the reality.

(XIX) The Sun

The Sun tarot card indicates that the time which is going to come in future is full of happiness, joy, as the brightness and the vibrancy of the Sun influences all. It may also be possible that some good news is waiting for you. This bright light coming from the source of life will lead you on the right path.

(XX) Judgement

This card reflects a logical closing of the old efforts and the beginning of new works. If the person’s health is not well then this card is a good sign which shows improvement. This will also give the results of the previous efforts you made in your work.

(XXI) The World

The World card is the last card in the deck of Major Arcana cards. This card tells that you have completed some work in recent times. It says, before starting a new one, take a break for a while. This will help you in starting a new cycle freshly. It shows the fulfillment of desires and a victory.

Now, as a whole, we are done with the meanings of the 22 Major Arcana cards. But this is just a bird’s eye view of these cards. If you want to go for the detailed meanings of tarot cards and spreads, we recommend you to go for a tarot card reading app.

The one that is best for this purpose is Tarot Life. This is an amazing app to do, learn, and get accurate Tarot readings.

Tarot Life encloses deep meanings of all of these cards which can be accessed easily by anyone. The app also deals in Numerology prediction. You can download this app for free from The App Store and Google Play Store. Download Now!

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