Base image from Pixabay, but edited by myself.

Look Around, Look Around

It is currently 11:37 pm EST as I write this. I am not feeling well, and I had the intention of going to bed over an hour or so ago. However, as I was browsing photos on the internet for future edits, and trying to think of something to write, “That Would Be Enough” from the Hamilton Mixtape started to play. This version of the song is performed by Alicia Keys, and the arrangement is definitely that of an A. Keys piece. It is smooth, subtle, and stirring, as the synths and strings swell and subside throughout the piece. Minimal percussion, but just enough that you can feel the beat even when the percussion drops completely.

At least that is my feeling. I connect with this version deeply. You may completely hate the song, but that is quite fine.

If you have not heard the soundtrack for Hamilton the Musical, I highly recommend it, as it is a musical masterpiece. But the focus of this article is on this song. During this scene, Alexander Hamilton is with his wife, Eliza, whom he finds out is pregnant with his child. He finds out after he was sent home form the war by George Washington, and Eliza pleads with Alexander to consider their family to be enough for him (throughout the musical, the audience quickly discovers that Alexander is constantly on the move). She asks him to, in essence, stop and look at where they are. Even though I have not seen the musical, I get the feeling that she would say this to him, intently looking in his eyes, and speaking to his heart.

“Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

These lyrics evoke such a strong feeling within me, especially at this moment, that I do not know the word to describe what it is that I feel. However, the lesson is clear. While I do not think that we are necessarily lucky (I haven’t decided if I actually believe in luck, still ruminating on it), I do feel that we are very fortunate to be alive right now. Despite all of the pain and agony that many are feeling as these shifts occur all across the globe, there is something beautiful being revealed within anyone willing to be vulnerable enough to share it. So many beautiful souls are stepping forward and sharing their voices with the world, and many of those are doing so in hopes to help shape a better world. One in which people feel safe to be who they are. To live and to love.

There are also those who have not yet chosen to share themselves with the world, and that is okay. Not everyone is ready to do so for whatever reason, but there are people out there who are ready and willing to support them when they are ready.

But in these moments, when there are terrorist attacks, catastrophic weather events, famine, etc., we are still here. Our being here means that we can do something in one capacity or another to create whatever it is we wish to create. We have a choice. We have personal agency. We are able. I am. We are. And it is that fact that makes us so very lucky to be alive right now. That is why conscious living is so vitally important, because when we do so, we are aware of our movement here. Our actions become deliberate. That is why finding our voice and being authentically expressive is vitally important. We learn about who we are, what we want, and what we don’t want from ourselves or others. We begin living out loud, shaping the reality around us. In order to do that, though, we have to center ourselves and do as Eckhart Tolle, and many other teachers, would say and focus on the now. What can we do in this moment?

If you are in a difficult situation, but you are reading this, know that I send love to you, and hope that something shifts so that you can be free from it. But, whatever the situation may be, for each of us, we must remember that we have our mind and our spirit. We have a light inside of us, even if we feel we are surrounded by darkness. Look around, or look inside, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.