My Perspective on Perspective

Compassion Through Understanding

I do not know any person who has not had a rough time in their life. Everyone has had their “thing” that has rocked them one way or another. Perhaps even shaken them to the core. For this reason, I think we should show one another even more love, respect, and compassion because this is just one of the multitude of things that connects us all.

On my way home today, after a very rainy day, I saw quite a few clouds in the distance. The sun shone through them, creating a pale golden color, amidst solid slate blues and grays. A fine midst fell from one of those clouds - rain. I thought, Oh! How beautiful is this! Grateful for the view that I had (Side note: I love my rides home, the scenery is amazing and can be meditative for me), but then I thought about what those people who lived in the distance may be thinking. Then that brought to mind how we all view one another when we are going through something. It is interesting, we are always moving and growing through life, but it isn’t until something unsavory happens that we say that we are “going through” something. Kind of like a passing storm.

So, here we have two different perspectives of the same event. I had an expanded view of what was going on, and the other person (or persons) have a singular view, because they are right in the storm, so our opinions of what is happening may more than likely differ. Because of our two different locations - different perspectives - would what I feel about the experience supersede the that of the other person, simply because my view is more vast? The answer is no. That is my opinion anyway, some may feel differently about it.

The reason I say no, is because how someone feels about something is exactly how they feel about it. It does not matter if that person seems irrational or incorrect. Their feelings are their feelings, plain and simple. If that person feels a certain way, that is completely within their right to do so. However, this also means that if you feel a certain way about a situation, then your feelings are also valid, and you have every right to feel how you feel.

Typing this has made me think of some additional things I may want to add at a later date. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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