What Will You Create?

Take a look at the video above.

Just a quick look.

This young lady used 15,000 dominoes to create this beautiful spiral pattern just to have it destroyed, all with a small poke.


I watched the video thinking, “wow, that takes a lot of dedication!” I consider myself a fairly patient person, but I do not know if I have the patience to do something of that scale. I have lined dominoes and built card houses, only to knock them over laughing with glee. But that was child’s play. What she creates are works of art.

I soon realized that there was a profound lesson to be learned. A lesson that has been taught, whispered throughout various spiritual texts in different ways, but present nonetheless. I understood that the journey is an integral part of the journeys we undertake, not just the destination.

In the past, and to some extent even now, I have found myself wanting to forgo the whole journeying thing so that I can just complete what the task at hand and pat myself on the back when it’s completed. That is probably why I have so many projects started, but not finished. I would start the journey, and not see it through, even though the journeying aspect is an absolutely necessary part. There can be no end product if you don’t do the work to finish.

This month, one of my goals was to have posts ready for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. I found myself stumbling near the finish line, but I am nearly done. A small goal for some, but necessary for me. Necessary and very important to show for myself that, yes, I can accomplish something. All I have to do now is apply this dedication to anything else I long to create, regardless of the size.

So, what will you create? It doesn’t matter if you plan to destroy your creation in the end. What matters is that you create it.

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