Stock rain photo Photo Credit: Anthony Redpath

When the Rain Hits You

On Thursday, 9 September 2016, I became acutely aware that it was raining while I sat at work. I do not sit near a window, and all of the windows stay closed. They also had the shades drawn, but I had this sudden awareness that it was raining. Not only was it raining, but it was a torrential downpour, and I was glad.

I looked to the window, saw the shades drawn and a light from the parking lot making a feeble attempt to break through. Reaching out to me. Haha! Yeah…right. I do not remember what time that was, but it was no matter. I continued about my day.

At the end of the shift, I punched out, and made my way downstairs to come face-to-face with the rain outside. It was still pouring. Two of my co-workers were talking, they smiled and one said, “I am going to try to avoid it,” meaning she was going to wait it out, but this rain did not seem as if it would be relinquishing its hold on the sky any time soon. I smiled, and then braved my way way to the car — without an umbrella, because I actually do not own one.

I walked in my slick sandals, feet slipping in the shoes with each step I took. Our parking lot is large. And I had a little bit of a walk ahead of me. I don’t remember thinking of anything really, but the rain, and that my books inside my book bag would soon be damp.

Then I smiled.

I smiled because I could complain about getting completely soaked and dreading the feeling of wet clothes sticking to my body as I drove the 25 minutes back home. Or, I could embrace the rain as it came, enjoying the feel of it on my skin, my hair, and the patterns made in the ever-growing puddles on the ground. I realized that I could be soothed by the sound of it falling and hitting what cars were left in the parking lot. I could relish in it, or I could resist it.

The element of water and its symbolic meanings are steeped in history. Pick up a tome revered as holy, or even one on occult studies, and I am sure you will find something about water. How it can be used to cleanse, and how it can also represent our subconscious mind. That day, though, it was just a reminder that, even in the most simplest of moments, I have a choice as to how I express to the world and even myself.

Over-analyzing is never helpful, because it can sometimes bring about a sense of anxiety, and that is definitely not a fun state of being to inhabit. However, being cognizant of your personal power every day is helpful. So I chose a route of freedom.