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Thank you for this very interesting article. I think you make some arguments that are worthy of consideration regarding whether to use React Native or not.

However, this statement about JavaScript in general concerns me. As an aspiring web developer, I know that I have to learn JavaScript well. The pervasiveness of JavaScript means that anybody who wants a web developer job will most likely have to know at least some JavaScript, and the increasing popularity of node.js means that they may also need to know it for server side as well.

So if the second part of your post was just a rant against JavaScript, that’s fine. But if you were trying to inform people of the dangers of JavaScript in general in the hopes of motivating them (web developers who are just trying to learn and are not language designers who can replace JavaScript) to actually do something with that information, my question would be what is that “something” and what exactly is the alternative? In other words, whether JavaScript should be used or not, it’s probably here to stay for a long time, so what are we supposed to do about it?