What the world of Reddit thinks of Amazon GO

Killer Tech is out to get you!

We all know that the impact of this cool nifty introduction will have on the labor workforce. McKinsey already claimed that in The Netherlands alone some 130,000 jobs are going to be obliterated, just in the retail sector!

While the projections seem to be for 2025, I can tell you we, “The experts”, historically have had a horrible track record in predicting things. The pervasiveness of tech is almost complete in modern economies so its adoption will be much, much faster than what we think.

I have written a long article on how technology is killing us all and also attempt to provide some useful tips how you can prevent it from affecting you.

But again, enough has been written about this on the internet, we are here to discuss Amazon GO and its introduction in the U.S. So I went ahead and sought some discussions that were happening on Reddit. Take a look!

Technology is making our lives easier as Dahkeus (sarcastically) points out

It’s amazing how much technology is devoted to making the lives of people who already have a high quality of life just a little more convenient.

1. It’s Super Creepy Intrusive with Manipulative algorithms

Arcysparky warns

Not to mention the BIG DATA you’ll be able to collect, use and sell. Someone picks up a 2 for 1 item, then puts it back. Another sees it’s 50% off and buys two! Naha! Now we can psychologically manipulate our customers on a more granular level!

2. Fear of Loss of Control: Security, Vandalism and Theft

gatoStephen ponders

How many very small kids are going to copy Mom and pocket stuff and just go?

xGossipGoat replies

…Very true, here in Australia ive heard cases of people video recording shoplifters and showing it to the manager only to be told that they have no loss control officers. Simply because its cheaper to write off a few shoplifts and add to overhead than just employing security guards and loss control officers -

and sintheticreality2 couldn’t help himself/herself from revealing his/hers shopping secret

I’ve been “shopping” like this for years, but I generally run out, sometimes followed by getting tased by police. But it is more convenient than waiting in a cashier’s line.

3. Some tech advise can always come handy

For instance, polimathe_ points

look into aws rekognition. One of the use cases they listed is exactly what they talked about in this video.

For a full list of comments, take a look at this thread on Reddit.

BTW: Here’s how the AWS Recognition technology looks like which also is gaining ground on sentimental analysis. You can read more on Amazon website.

In Closing

Honestly, I am worried, really worried. So, I’m not going to make some goofy conclusion that all is going to be ok. It is quite obvious that this patented tech will soon be commoditized and all departmental stores will adopt it; especially when the incentive to fire thousands of people gives to instant project dollars/euros/pounds in your hands to try this experiment.

Basically the little guy (we all are actually) is going to get squeezed. Technology’s pervasiveness will leave malls, airports, streets empty as a handful go out to shop. I’m not sure what the rest of the “cashless society” (pun intended) will do.

Technology is heartless, soulless and it only works to perfect the imperfect. It was fun when stuff we hated was being automated by tech, its real when stuff we clung on to, is being snatched away from technology.