Desktop Fabrication 2017 Mixtape — Illustration

Desktop Fabrication 2017 Mixtape

You like digital fabrication? I made you a little mixtape of my favorite projects in 2016–2017! You can build your little desktop factory for ~18k$.


1. MonoPrice Select Mini FDM 3D printer (200$)

Monoprice Select Mini

MonoPrice has a range of affordable 3D printers and the feedback is really good. Also, contrary to most fancy 3D printers, they are pretty hackable: they take standard gcode and are compatible with standard filament spools. Finally, they’ll be releasing a delta version in 2017 for the same price.


2. Form2 SLA 3D printer (3500$)

The new version of Formlab’s awesome SLA printer. Expect great print quality, a good print volume and a range of different resins.


3. Glowforge laser cutter (3000$)

Affordable laser cutter. In this price range, it’s not very powerful, but offers some nice features like pen drawing and 3D autofocus.


4. Wazer water-jet cutter (3600$)

Presented as the first desktop waterjet cutter, it’s hard not to get excited by the promise… It’s not the only project coming from Kickstarter and it has yet to be delivered. But it’s definitely looking good.


5. FormBox vacuum former (400$)

Vacuum formers are a good tool for clean molds or even simple products. So it’s a good thing to have in your workshop. Another project with pretty much the same promise just finished on Kickstarter: Vaqueform.


6. Shaper Origin router (1700$)

This hand-held router looks absolutely awesome to use. It uses a clever auto-adjustment system to correct the cut as you move it along the surface.


7. PrinterBot Crawlbot CNC (3200$)

The Crawlbot CNC cutter can cut large sheets while keeping a pretty small footprint in your garage.


8. MakerArm (1300$)

Another project coming from Kickstarter. I’m not sure what I’d do with it yet, but it looks promising.


9. AxiDraw V3 (475$)

The AxiDraw from EvilMadScientist is a pretty simple pen plotter. I’ve always liked watching robots write and this one looks precise and fun to use.


10. Voltera V-one PCB printer (2000$)

Yet another project coming out of Kickstarter. Let’s you make your own circuit boards.


*BONUS* Kniterate

This digital kniting machine is hitting Kickstarter soon. What else do you need??