Project UNLOCK : An alternative to QR codes

Arthur Schmitt
Sep 19 · 9 min read

The brief: how might we enable visitors on the campus to access digital content easily, using their mobile phone?

Project philosophy

The solution : UNLOCK

Communication banner used on the info screens in thecamp

OK but why is it better than QR codes?

Number of possibilities

All available pattern combinations according to pattern length and complexity

A more in-depth look at patterns and contents

Types of contents

AR.js test

A specific app example: the treasure hunt

Patterns in the wild

Different patterns on the campus

Getting technical

Technical stack

4 main views of the webapp: home screen, validated pattern, history and unknown pattern

thecamp experimentation — going further

Known limitations

What’s next?

Arthur Schmitt

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#engineer #designer #maker #cyclist #father Interested in #technology, #culture and the #future

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