Fall forward, spring back

This blog was originally published on a different site, 11/8/16

The slow cooker is out and is conjuring up a rich beef stew for dinner tonight. The dryer is on, heating and scenting the upstairs of the house. My plans for today include an ironing and sorting out a pile of summer clothes to go to the charity shop as they won’t fit come next year.

Yes, it’s August in Scotland.

When I woke to steel-grey skies this morning, I wasn’t bothered at all. Firstly, as the kids are starting back at school on Monday, we are guaranteed at least 20C for the next few weeks. It’s how Scots punk their young, sending them back to school when the weather gets lovely. Take that.

No, instead of a groan, I could have squealed.

You see, I couldn’t be more Northern European if I tried. Fair skin, blue eyes, red hair. I’m an autumn kinda gal. By 7.30 this morning, I had made soup, tidied cupboards, put the slow cooker on, and if I wasn’t currently typing this, I’d be upstairs sorting something out.

The cooler days energise me, make me want to lace up my trainers and go for a lung-bursting run. Ideas flow easily, insurmountable tasks seem suddenly achieveable.

I get shit done.

I imagine that this is how other people must feel in the heat of the summer, but I have to admit, the sight of leaves starting to fall gives me a thrill.

It feels like renewal and maybe I’m just ready for that now.

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