It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at

This blog was originally published on a different site, 22/07/16

And where you’re going.

To quote Melania Trump, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man…sorry. I’ll stop. I’m a mum to two beautiful girls who will be known from here on in as cub no.1 and cub no.2.

I’m raising them on my own, and through writing this blog, I’m hoping to chart how a single parent drags herself out of unemployment into a career. Not a McJob, a career.

In September, I’m starting an online social media management course which will hopefully bridge my gap in skills and offer me entry into well-paid, freelance work which I can fit around school hours and offer me flexibility and autonomy financially.

I’ll be writing about that and anything else that tickles my fancy as we progress. At times it may get a little sweary or controversial but I hope it will always engage the reader. My sister will appear frequently in these blogs as my rock and tormentor-in-chief, in the way that only the best sisters can.

I didn’t expect to be in this situation at this time in my life, I doubt few do. But I’m damned if I’m going to be consigned to the scrap heap just yet.

Here we f*ckin’ go.

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