Sisters, sharing childhood memories and grown-up dreams


This blog was originally published on a different site, 18/8/16

I can’t believe I missed it, but it was National Sisters’ Day on August 7. I must have overlooked/ignored that Hallmark memo.

Sisters. I am one, I’m the daughter of one and now mum to a set. It is indeed a special relationship, one that goes through more trials and tribulations than most.

No-one knows you better than your sister. She has seen you at your best and worst, happy and sad, and she has the dirt. I mean, the juiciest, whiffiest kind of dirt. Dirt that keeps on giving.

When I first mooted the idea of stepping up my blogging a notch and building a website, the first person I spoke to about it was my big sis. Eight years my senior (zing!), she is my closest and most trusted confidante. She was immediately enthused and supportive, full of ideas.

She also immediately dubbed me Carrie “Oot” Bradshaw.

I smarted and howled with laughter at the same time, the cheeky moo that she is. But you see, that’s what sisters will do for you. She is now editing this piece and, I know, wiping tears from her eyes as she celebrates her own quick wit. My revenge is that she’s not getting paid…

My own girls are embarking on their special relationship, sometimes four or five times a day. They either fight like cat and dog or, when separated, miss the other like crazy. It is maddening at times to listen to. But I know they will be each other’s bestie in later life.

But when I think of sisters, the one picture most vivid is the one that can only exist in my head now. Mum and her sister, the one and only Auntie Pat.

Both dearly departed now, they were chalk and cheese but inseparable. Arms linked, heads bowed towards one another, talking, laughing, fighting. Sharing. Because that’s what the best sisters do.

So a belated happy sisters’ day to all of you sisters out there. Treasure the ones you have and raise a glass to those gone.

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