Strength of a woman

Calm down dear.

When our then-Prime Minister David Cameron uttered those words in a Commons exchange with the Labour MP Angela Eagle in 2011, I can’t have been the only woman in Britain who wanted to punch his fucking lights out, can I? The patronising twat.

But women are still derided constantly for being emotional, too emotional. To this day, if you express a strong opinion in some quarters, it’s “oh, that time of the month?”

Fuck. Right. Off.

As I see a friend deal with shock news. As I watch female Olympians being casually ignored or derided for their looks, I’m struck by the sheer amount of bullshit women have thrown at them and how they are expected to get up and dust themselves down. Whilst being slim and pretty, of course.

The weaker sex? Not in my book. But this isn’t a feminist rant against men, far from it. Other women can be as detrimental to your self worth as any abusive man can. We need to stop that shit, ladies, like yesterday.

Because from my own personal experience, I know who I want next to me when the shit hits the fan. When a break-up or illness or any trouble strikes. I’ve been through all of those instances and I can say, hand on heart, that it’s the women in my life who have propped me up, made me laugh and help me fix an eye firmly on the future and not the present quandary I’m in.

Women are the ones who, in times of strife, carry on. We continue to make the dinners, wash the clothes, make sure the kids are off to school. We still worry about others, even when our own hearts are breaking. We get extremely practical and bear the burdens we never imagined we could bear.

We deserve a bit more credit for our strength. And I’m not just talking about credit from the male of the species or your friends. I mean you. Give yourself a massive pat on the back because you are a bloody star.

But after you’ve given yourself kudos, go and have a good cry, rant, rave or punch a wall if you have to. Then get a massage or do whatever makes you feel good.

And then continue doing what you do. Being the glue that holds it all together.

Because we are worth our weight in gold.

And be nice to your fellow women. They’re the only ones who know what you’re going through.

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