Lost Voices 2.0 - Let your pens speak for you.

Every writer has had this sudden surge of emotions to write letters to almost anyone under the sun, here is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Tartl in association with the Penumbra & A Dreamer’s destination present ‘Lost Voices 2.0’

What ?
A competition to write an open letter on the topic :
- An open letter to the “Educated” Indians.

Where ?

Four simple steps:
1) Write the open letter for the above topic.

2) Upload the article in any of your blogs, or in any digital medium(yes, even social media)

3) Next, go to our website : www.tartl.net and sign up there as a “tartlr (Tartlr = writer)”.

4) You will be asked to create a profile which takes you hardly a minute, after which post a gist of your article with the link of your article.
*while posting your gist, select only “events” in the genres section.

Because why not? Pour yourself out and win exciting prizes.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us: hello@tartl.net


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So what are you waiting for? Get started, https://goo.gl/iBp23X

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