Datsusara Gear Bag Core (GBC-04) Duffel

3.5 / 5.0 — The best bag I have found for stand-up, but still could use some improvements.

For muay thai, I spent way too much time and money looking at different bags to store my gear. I tried a couple of Eagle Creek duffel bags, borrowed friends Fairtex bags, even thought about buying a cool looking RVDW bag through chokesports. Finally I went with the sherdog recommendation for Datsusara and I am pretty happy with it.

The Datsusara was the culmination of a long search. I liked the idea of bacteriostatic hemp material and it was specifically designed for martial arts. Plus the owner seems pretty cool.

The bag has the following compartments:

  • A medium sized main compartment, with a much smaller zipper pocket inside
  • Two good sized end compartments with stretchy mesh pockets on the outsides of those
  • A series of flap pockets and one zipper pocket on the side

After a year of usage, I now have a good sense of its strengths and weaknesses. And it has both.


  • The bacteriostatic fabric has been great. No smell despite me being gross and just tossing in sweaty clothing and hand-wraps and whatever else in one of the end compartments.
  • The smallest of the side flap pockets are perfectly sized for holding a mouthpiece and case.
  • The largest side flap pocket lets you dump your phone and other stuff in easily.
  • The end stretchy mesh pockets hold huge water bottles no problem.


  • The biggest con, for me, is the main compartment size. It is just that little bit too short. Another two inches in length would be perfect. A couple of inches of length would make those shinguards not be crammed in there. Maybe another inch of height would help with getting some random other junk in there as well. Forget about having separate 16oz sparring and bag gloves.
  • The little nylon zipper pocket on the inside is, well, just kind of crappy and useless. Not that big, and not easily accessible. I’d prefer an integrated pocket on the inside of the flap that was spacious.
  • I don’t like or see the need for the zipper pocket on the side. It should have at least double zips, but I think another flap would be just as good and more easily usable.
  • I’d love a key lanyard with a clip.
  • Finally, I’d love a long sleeve pocket on the outside opposite the smaller pockets just for small random stuff.

But what about the Gear Bag Pro? It surely would solve my problems? It is just way too big. About double the size. I put stuff in there and it floats around too much and is hard to find. I bought one and sold it to my coach who needs a larger bag to carry around gear.

Product link: https://www.dsgear.com/collections/duffle-bags/products/gbc

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