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One of the biggest challenges any organisation faces today is information management. Doesn’t matter what domain you work in, today you cannot run an organisation effectively without collecting, storing, analysing, sharing and archiving information.

There are numerous software’s available to help your organisation deal with information management and it’s critical to choose the right software.

The impact of making a bad decision at this stage could in fact inflate your existing problems instead of resolving it.

The Problem

Gone are the days when a bunch of individuals would form the core of a NGO and handle its operations. Today, developmental activities are carried out on a massive scale with clear cut objectives and strategies.

Having noble intentions is one of the remarkable traits, not THE remarkable trait anymore. Funding agencies, donors etc. extend financial support only if they feel satisfied with the overall performance of the organisation.

Some of the problems that impact performance of NGOs are,

  1. Not every employee of the organisation requires the same level of access to the data. A receptionist for example will need data that pertains to day to day operations.The CEO will require summary of important metrics that will help him/her to run the organisation effectively.
  2. They are spread over vast geographical areas undertaking numerous diverse projects. Information that is fed and generated from each of these projects may be very different from each other. Consolidation of data from these multiple sources becomes another project in itself.
  3. Not every donor / funding agency is unique. Also, not all of them are in a long term relationship with the NGO. They change and with this, requirements of reporting this data to them also varies even if it is the same project.

Flexibility is important. And this can only be provided by a smart information management software that factors in these complexities. Not Word, not Excel, none of the legacy data management tools.

The Solution

Goonjan is a software designed to help Nonprofits / NGOs fulfil the mission of their organisation. It has taken into account the above problems that such organisations face among others and this is the guiding principle behind the development of this product.

It is an integrated platform which you can use to track your beneficiaries, provide services eefficiently and manage your donors among many other things.

Since all of it is interconnected, extracting reports to study the impact of various stakeholders and report to concerned agencies becomes very easy and simple to do.

A PC, browser and an internet connection is all that is required to use Goonjan. Alternatively, an android app with offline support is also available.

It is open to integrate with other existing systems an NGO may be using and certain portions of the software can be customised to cater to the unique needs of the organisation.

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