7 Most Common Online Betting Strategies

If you’re an experienced bettor, you might know that every bettor has his own strategy or sports betting system, which they really trust. You may also know that one should be familiar with different sports betting strategies to win and earn money.

Here in this blog, we are presenting you seven different types of betting strategies as well as tips to place good bets on NFL to multiply your stakes. Let’s get through this post to get our teeth into these betting strategies for online football games.

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1. Double Chance

This strategy allows you to double your chance to win. In it, you are free to bet on two outcomes of a game. The sport that you bet on has three different possible results like Win, Draw and Loss unlike a common bet where you are led with only one of these three different possible outcomes. In the double chance betting strategy, you can bet on two and thereby you can reduce your risk.

2. Back & Lay

This type of strategy lets you have an excellent variety in the domain of online sports betting. In back-bets, you are supposed to bet on a specific outcome of an event. It is the most common sports bet. In case of ‘lay’-bet, you need to bet against it. What makes back & lay strategy so interesting and thought-provoking is that you can deal and sell with your own bets.

3. Halftime/fulltime bets

Halftime or fulltime betting strategy has become one of the most adopted-strategies. With this betting strategy, you seem to be a little riskier. In such an affair, you can bet on both the halftime standing and full-time result of a game. To win a halftime or fulltime bet, it’s a must for you to forecast the correct result of half-time standing and full-time.

4. Head-to-Head bets

Also known as two-way betting, head-to-head bets is meant for backing one of two outcomes on an outright market. In this betting, you bet on the outcome of the match — win or lose. Placing a bet on an individual sport is interesting. However, you can also bet on two participants of a team sport and choose to let them practically improve against each other.

5. Handicap

Handicap is another type of popular betting strategy. It’s an ideal option when you want a favorite win. The main clue in the concept of handicap strategy is that you need to place your bet on a team starting with a backlog. This backlog needs to be equalized throughout the game. In the handicap, the odds normally turn out to be higher than betting on a regular win of that team.

6. Hedging

Hedging is another type of betting strategy, which includes betting on a diverse outcome to your original bet. It is done for the purpose of securing a guaranteed profit irrespective of the consequence, or reducing the risk on a market. Simply put, you should hedge your bets to lower your risk or against possible losses.

7. Multi Bet

This wagering strategy is an easy way of betting. It involves staking on different events in one betting ticket. The main purpose of Multi Bet strategy is to gain a high overall odds by adding a couple of single bets to one bet. It’s one of the most exciting betting strategies with football bets. However, you can also gain high profits by using it for other sports.

Thus, when you are ready for sports betting, make sure what strategy you’d implement. It’s important to read the instructions for the game on the site before placing your bets.

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