In the summer of 2015, a group of SaaS founders came together to network, share, and learn from each other. Today, the group has grown into a massive community of SaaS founders, leading India’s SaaS ecosystem and being closer than ever to realizing their ambition of evolving India into a SaaS nation. …

It was during one of the prep calls of SaaSBOOMi Build where people from the team had joined in — around 5 of us- to brief the speaker about the session. All of us started with a quick intro, and I went last. I took a couple of seconds and said,

“Hi! This is Tarun, a full-time fellow with SaaSBOOMi. …

“We leave the place but all the delightful memories remain intact with us always.”

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Photo by v2osk on Unsplash, Scotland

I’m leaving my fellowship after two years and I don’t have everything figured out. The world is entirely in a dilemma because of the uncertainty of the future, as an invisible enemy is taking revenge on us. Some of my friends from abroad are losing jobs because of the financial crisis. My relatives are calling my mom and shouting at her to convince me as they think I’m mad to leave a job with Govt at this point of time, and few of them advised me to change after getting married as I might get good matches if I have ‘Working with Govt’ tag. …


Community Evangelist and Ecosystem Builder | Sr Fellow @SaaSBOOMi | Writes on Startups and Technology

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