The world is but a canvas for our imagination!

But I live in two worlds i.e. outside and inside worlds (let’s say). Whenever I get away from the outside world for some moments, curiosity knocks on the doors of my conscious and a huge number of thoughts waiting to barge in my mind in the same way as a crowd of devotees try to barge in a temple as soon as the door opens.

Thoughts at the doors of my mind

This rush of thoughts makes me uncomfortable at times and most of the thoughts are some sort of questions which keeps coming if left unanswered which leave me in a constant doubt if I belong where I am right now.Some of the methods I use to come out of these situations are:

  1. By believing that the answers lies in the past (even before I came into existence) and start procrastinating to look into it (meh history!).
  2. Whenever possible I try to solve it by rational of my mind (which is very less probable as the mind have its own limits).
  3. By using the tools available in outside world like meditation,travelling etc.
  4. By believing that the answers lies in the future and I have to be more experienced to be able to understand a particular situation.
  5. I get answers of some of my questions through reading books and listening to people.
  6. By participating in deep discussions and debates whenever I get a chance.

Still I live more often than not in my ‘Inside world’ which others call as my imagination.But what if my imaginary world is actually the real world and vice versa (ref. movie : The Matrix).


Sometimes I feel like to get away from outside world and some other times from the inside world.What if there exist one more world beside these two? (thoughts argh!!!)


Whenever I try to analyse this situation, I end up with more questions:

  1. Why am I having all these questions in my mind?
  2. Am I not a practical person ?
  3. When will I stop getting all these questions?

Now because of all this, I have developed an interest in subjects related to psychology and studying about various personalities. It gives me relief to some extent from this bewildering situation.

But now I am working towards creating a balance between questions and answers in order to free from either extremes!

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