Gary Marcus makes his living by criticizing Deep Learning, but never really provides any real…
Carlos E. Perez

Carlos i like most of the articles you publish but i have to disagree with you on this . Gary Marcus has never claimed that he knows something that no one else knows . He is just says we are not headed in the right direction to build truly intelligent systems and there exists no CERN like international collaboration on AI . He talks about not only the limitations of DL ,but limitations of all other existing approaches as well . It’s not just cognitive scientist like him who believe this, recently Deep Learning pioneer Geoff Hinton humbly admitted DL and existing methods will not get us there . (reference link included below) . Another Deep Learning rockstar Yann LeCun , the current director of AI research at Facebook , said in one of his recent presentations that none of the current ai methods are powerful enough to allow machines to develop common sense knowledge about the world . Demis Hassabis of deepmind is firm believer that AI and neuroscience can learn a lot from each other . There are several other experts who are now rethinking AI.Meanwhile some companies and individuals have a huge monetary interest in promoting Deep learning as they have build products & services on top of these techniques . That is completely ok let them make the big bucks or get that big round of funding . Overall it helps drive the economic engine .I am all for it . But to comment that a cross disciplinary researcher’s viewpoint is pure criticism just shows lack of an open mind on this issue from a deep thinker & a writer like you.

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