The secret to living a life of peace — You’ve always got more options than you realise

What surprised me most about the outcomes of the election wasn’t the winner. But from a distance observing how surprised and shocked so many people seem to be. The level of entertainment it has reached in the last few years, wouldn’t it be sensible to expect exactly anything as a result?

Humanity fascinates me. I could care less about showbiz politics. Agreeing to follow and in any way be part of such a toxic spectacle, even by vaguely choosing sides, would for me be the same as accepting a relationship or friendship with someone who only wants to cause drama. Therefore, my active choice is to not be bothered. Leaving America (a year ago), having stopped following mainstream news (seven or so years ago) and not engaging in political discussions (stopped the day I left America) are what has helped keep me sane.

Leaving the drama and bizarreness of the political facade shown in media (and social media) aside, I trust people with courage and the motivations to do what they feel is right. Those who work on the things they believe in if they think that is the right way to go. You will always get heard if you’re being persistent and engaging on an intellectual level. Throwing insults on someone’s looks or skin colour from behind a computer screen doesn’t lead anywhere, as we have clear proof of.

A couple things you may or may not bring with you as lessons from the election results:

  • Consider stop putting all your faith in governments, leaders and media, and work towards becoming even more independent. You are a free human being. You don’t belong to a country. It is totally ok to disconnect from the madness. Choose to connect instead with real people outside of your comfort zones. Travel and explore what’s unfamiliar. Build your current relationships even stronger. Listen, really listen to what other people say, despite their difference in opinion. Human connection is what hold things together. And it starts with one single person to another. Progress come from reaching further than the people you already know you agree with.
  • Be kind and gentle even when the world seems cruel. I’ve seen so many otherwise intelligent people lowering themselves to the levels of the ones they accuse of bigotry during these past two years. Is that what people want to teach their children, I’ve wondered. Judging and attacking people, no matter how outrageous their ideologies may seem, brings you one step back. Accepting this game of life for what it is with all its obstacles and challenges, while embracing your own conscious creation towards the good that you believe in, will move you forward. You don’t fight segregation by keeping things separated. Stop hating, get creative.
  • You don’t have to choose between two extremely bad choices. There is always the option to quit the virtual reality game that was chosen for you, and instead aim focus on your own blissful game of life. The life where you are the creator of, and not just one of millions who blindly follow the bandwagon. It’s ok to jump off. Goodbye train of destruction! Hello real world!
  • Stop complaining. If the matter really affects you that much try coming up with solutions. Hashtags are a very non-active way to engage in questions you feel strongly about. As is bullying and gossiping. Using hashtags to show your sympathy or disdain isn’t being rebellious.
  • If peace and happiness is important to you, then turn off the news (and facebook feed) for good and fully engage in real life. It’s ok to say: “you know what, I’m fed up with this anxiety causing, stress inducing, manipulated bullshit. I’ve got a life to care about. I want to wake up each day feeling grateful for what I have and what I’ve created. Peace, love and happiness is my only desire”. If that is what you want out of life, then live up to it with each of your actions. Be a person of integrity. Do not participate in the negative, if you don’t want the negative to spill through into your own life.
  • It’s ok to change life strategy. When one way doesn’t work out, there are many more to try. Nothing is fixed. Everything is formable. That’s the beauty of life. The freedom we have. The freedom to reinvent ourselves over and over. Anything is possible (if you needed that reminder). Get creative and create your dream life, now. You can have it all and do it all. Don’t let anybody hold you back. There’s a (real) world out there for you to discover. Fully embracing that freedom, is the real challenge.