Taking PHP Seriously
Keith Adams

Have you had a look at Haxe (haxe.org)?

I was a big user of PHP for many years until I got more into AS3, and missed the typing (and compile time checks). Searching the net for “javascript on the server”, before the rise of Node.js, I found Haxe.

It’s similar to AS3, or Javascript, except that’s it’s fully typed. It also compiles to a whole number of different languages including PHP. I’ve been using the PHP compiled code from it for almost 8 years now and have never looked back.

I get full compile time checks (super fast compiler), type checking, code completion (even for other PHP libraries) and it writes nicer PHP code than I could ever be bothered writing, all without having to remember “is it function(haystack, needle) or function(needle, haystack).

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