This is a beautiful piece.
Cristina Loughrey

One thing that comes to mind here. About companies moving away. There is a lot of fight against the TPP. For me, from what I have been able to gather about it, the big thing I do worry about there is that it allows companies even more extra-sovereign power (arbitrate for losses from laws).

But one thing it would do is create a lot of minimums, both for workers rights and environmental impact. If a company was moving away because they could get away with more somewhere else (and hence be cheaper) then this would be a great thing for the US as they already have tighter controls than other places.

People worry about fairness, and when a company can move away because of less regulation somewhere else that is unfair and would make people want less regulation for themselves. Even if it means less workers rights, or working in a ‘dirtier’ environment.

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