4/12/2016 — Sales at Startups

“How to get first sales for your startup” - R. Paul Singh

To find clients for your startup, it’s important to leverage your social and professional networks. Networking with friends of friends is a great way to find potential leads. Also utilizing social media platforms is an excellent way to find new leads. Platforms like Twitter and Quora are excellent to connect with experts in your field who you can utilize to expand your professional network.

LinkedIn is a key platform for connecting with professionals, and if you’re selling a B2B product, cold emailing leads. Cold emailing generally does not provide great results, but there are tricks you can use to increase the number of people who open and respond to your cold emails. The most important and crucial part of your cold email is the subject line. The subject line is what makes or breaks your email as that is what people use to determine whether to open a cold email or not. Once you have a strong subject determined, make sure the content of the email is interesting and short. No one has time to read over a long email and if someone clicks your email and sees an essay, they won’t waste their time reading and will most likely delete immediately.