Patrinarchy Episode 1

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Welcome to Patrinarchy! Where the world provides the degrading, dehumanising trauma and I provide the nark.

This week we’ll be chatting about the clampdown on abortion rights in the U.S, the abuse apologism of child sexual abuse and weird rapey technical developments.

As it’s the first episode I thought a little history of patriarchy might be in order.

Patriarchy began around 2,400–2,300 BCE in Mesopotamia. This dude who (surprise!) called himself Saragon the Great established the first known ancient empire. He deliberately wove domination through power and control into the bedrock of his society. Previously women and men had shared tasks equally and children were raised by the whole community but when Saragon took over he ditched all that and replaced it with Patriarchal systems, starting with the establishment of the nuclear family, with the man in charge.

So we have Saragon to thank for the hundreds of millions of gender based crimes that have been committed since. He did a great line in oppressing and demonising women. Thanks Saragon you creepy bastard.

If we doubted the efficacy of Patriarchy then we need look no further than Donald Trump for a prime example of it’s success. Only in a Patriarchal society could a sexist, racist, classist, white, rich dude accused of multiple crimes against women be elected President of America. Hundreds of millions of lives lay in this mans hands. He’s our modern day Saragon, working hard to oppress the rights of women, people of colour and other minority groups.

One of the tools the Patriarchy has used repeatedly through history is controlling the means of reproduction by either forcing women to have babies or forcing them to be sterilised. Trump is in the former category and is currently attacking the reproductive rights of women all over the world with his global gag rule and is upping the ante on abortion rights supporters in the U.S. In the last week he tweeted that the Democrats “don’t mind” “executing babies after birth”.

I did some googling and couldn’t find any proof of Democratic politicians smuggling guillotines into maternity hospitals so I’m gonna call bullshit on this claim.

Linking reproductive freedom with murdering newborn babies leads to the literal murders of reproductive healthcare providers. You could even call it the execution of healthcare providers. Oddly though I haven’t found any of Donald’s tweets that condemn the religious christian fanatics that murder abortion doctors. Maybe he only cares about babies? But hang on, Trump’s government is allowing babies to die while in their care and the U.S also has the worst infant mortality rates within the wealthiest OECD countries. So if he doesn’t care about healthcare providers and he doesn’t care about babies what do we have left? Oh yeah — controlling women’s bodies.

This week Trump announced plans to remove funding from any organisation in the U.S that even gives an abortion referral. Isn’t it lucky such laws weren’t in place when he was purportedly arranging abortions for his sexual partners?

The Spectator recently reported that Mr Trump may have paid as many as 8 women to have abortions and to stay quiet about sexual affairs.

It has been an EPIC week for abuse apologists with the release of Leaving Neverland, George Pell’s trial ending in a guilty verdict and Ash Wednesday all happening in the last week.

Despite Pell being found guilty of child sexual abuse a major newspaper in Australia referred to Pell’s “ordeal”, using it as a call for judicial reform. Another major paper claimed that “most priests who abuse small boys are not even paedophiles but sexually maladjusted and lonely individuals unable to resist temptation”.

A lot to unpack there. Both takes encourage us to sympathise with the rapist. I dunno about you but I don’t think it matters to children who have been raped what category of abuser the rapist falls into? Then we’ve got some abuse apologism — the poor bastards were just sexually maladjusted and lonely — lonely — like haven’t we all been lonely and decided to find some companionship by raping a small child in our care? No?

Then we have some old-school classic victim blaming.

Apparently these non-paedophile-just-lonely priests are unable to resist temptation. “Temptation” the implication here is that just by existing in the same space as one of these sad priests, children are tempting them. I can honestly say I’ve never been “tempted” to rape a small child.

It’s a revolting and irresponsible word to use in this context. It’s also classic patriarchy — patriarchal ideology will do just about anything to get the grown man off the hook from having to take responsibility for his actions — even accusing a small child of sexually tempting a grown adult.

On the subject of rape our winner of the Burn Everything category this week is game developer Desk Plant who released a game on Steam called Rape Day. The official description of the game on Steam is “Verbally harass, kill, and rape women as you choose to progress the story.” Let me tell you something Steam — men do not need lessons in how to verbally harass, rape or kill women, they’ve have been doing it for ages.

In Ireland a 4th year medical student is developing an app called “consent” which has been designed to lessen the “lack of communication” that is “responsible for the destruction of thousands of lives every year.”

But don’t be fooled into thinking this app is to keep women safe from male rapists. This is an app designed to protect men from their “ever growing fear” of being “sued post intercourse”.

Imagine developing an App called consent and not knowing what consent means? Imagine thinking the real threat is to men? When a man is 230 times more likely to be a victim of rape than he is to be falsely accused of rape.

Here lads, if you’re really so fearful of being accused of rape I can make your fears vanish in an instant. Just don’t rape.

It’s that easy.

That’s all for Patrinarchy, I’ve been your host Taryn de Vere. If you have comments or suggestions post them on social media using the hashtag #patrinarchy.

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