Chik-Fil-A, Mike Wazowski and more

Today I had the awesome experience of interviewing my fellow classmate, Ryan. Although we barely knew each other at the beginning, by the end of this exercise I feel like we had been friends for years with the way we were asking questions and conducting our conversation.

The first question that I asked, and I think the most unique, was whether or not she liked Chik-Fil-A sauce? Weird, I know. But I thought that this would be a good ice breaker. It was a question that wasn’t too serious, but at the same time was able to spark a conversation when I found out that she had never had it. At first I was kind of surprised, because it’s something that I always have to have when I go to Chik-Fil-A now (shout-out to fellow classmate Ellie Vonderhaar for turning me onto this), but then I realized that not everyone has the same experiences and comes from the same places as you, and that is ok. It’s what makes us all different and makes life worth living. It was a good way to to start our conversation in a fun way, rather than get into some of the deeper questions that we later covered once we were more comfortable.

As our interview progressed, we talked about an array of subjects. From her picturing a Martian to look just like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., to why the hell people like Taylor Swift, to the stinky smell of Milwaukee in the hot summer heat, we had a fun time sharing our thoughts about each of these topics and just getting to know one another, even though I still had no idea what her major or hometown even were. It was cool to get to know each other outside of the conventional interview questions that people always tend to ask.

One of my favorite questions that I asked Ryan was “what do you really like about this planet?” She responded “I like it because it’s full of endless opportunities and places to see”. I couldn’t help but think about how right she was. This world we live in is so big and intriguing, and we should owe it to ourselves to see as much of it as we can before we die. Wanting to know more, I picked her brain a little further out of pure curiosity and asked “If the world is so full of these opportunities and places to see, what opportunities do you want to take in your lifetime?” Ryan said “There are so many beautiful places that I want to see as much of nature as I can. I want to also take as many risks as I can, I want to do the things I am scared to do.” Ryan’s answers to these questions perfectly embodied what not only I really like about this planet, but what I hope everyone likes about this planet. Opportunity is always right around the corner and it is up to us to go out there and grab it while we can.