Reflection 10/11

While listening to the podcast, I learned a lot about the whole editing process. Actually, one of the things that surprised me the most was how much time and effort go into making one, or at least one of that particular media team’s. I always just thought that podcasts were just recordings of a person(s) talking about or their opinion of a certain subject. After listening to this one, however, I found out that I was completely wrong.

First, you start off with an tentative script and you go from there. After recording one version of the podcast you have to take a step back and decide “what is working in the story and what isn’t working”. One of the biggest things that surprised me on the first take of it was that after they played the song, the reaction from the podcasters took almost 30 seconds (give or take a few)!! Right then and there you knew that it was a boring part that needs to be edited because you’re losing the listener’s focus.

However, “the first draft always sucks, things want to be bad.” I think that this is a really important piece of information for anyone going into the communication, writing or producing field. Things take time to be great, they don’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and sometimes neither is that podcast that is in the making. Good work takes time and nurturing, and I think that is one of the biggest things that I have learned from this week’s lesson. Don’t expect it to be great on the 1st try, let alone the 20th try, heck maybe not even the 150th try, but if you really believe in it it will get there. . . eventually.

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