Reflection 9/20

For today’s lesson, our class took on the Milwaukee staple: The Pubic Market. There, we tested our skills at food writing.

Something that I struggled with the most was getting the nerve to go up to the guy that served me my food and ask him my questions. He was really busy with other customers and didn’t seem like the friendliest guy. After I ate my food and told Lori how scared I was she gave me a little encouragement and said that the worst thing that he could say was “no”. She was right, the worst he could say was that he didn’t have time to answer my question. However, one thing to remember is that looks can be very deceiving.The guy that worked at The Green Market (where I got my food) was more than willing to answer my questions. Sometimes you just need to push yourself a little and you’ll be surprised by the results you get!

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