With so many choices, you can’t go wrong.

The Milwaukee Public Market. I have been here many times before, but it was not up until this past visit that I truly felt that I have been here. That is because after today’s lesson in food writing, observing and interviewing, my eyes of the food writing world have been perpetually opened.

Like I mentioned previously, I have been here many times before. This time that I visited I told myself I was going to change things up a bit, and order something completely new that I normally would not order. However, it wasn’t until I found myself in the walking the aisles of the market that I just could not keep myself away from my favorite market spot, The Green Market. With its innumerable sandwich, hot sandwich, wrap, salad and juice choices there truly is something for everyone here, which is why I think that it makes it so appealing.

Today, I decided to order something I normally wouldn’t have from there (making up for my lack of adventure when it came to picking a new place to eat at instead). I ordered a number fourteen hot sandwich (turkey, artichoke spread, provolone, spinach, tomato and red onion). As I waited for my sandwich I took in my surroundings. The guy who was making my food seemed to know exactly how to make the sandwich by heart, piling the meat, cheese and veggies sky high. I later asked him do you find the menu overwhelming or hard to memorize?” He replied, “Yes I can see how it would be overhwhelming and when I first started here I actually used notecards to help me learn everything. But I feel like it’s good to have those options because everyone wants something different.”

Alongside the man working were three other workers busily making various salads and juices. One thing that I noticed in particular about The Green Market was the fact that you could see all their produce front and center. I thought this was a strategic use of transparency with the customer because you could see exactly what was going into your food.

When I got my sandwich, it was awesome! As a lover of spinich artichoke dip, this sandwich was completely up my alley because you could really taste these ingredients and they didn’t just fall into the backround. One of the key things that make the sandwiches at The Green Market so great is that all the spreads and sauces used on their sandwiches, wraps and salads are housemade. That includes the artichoke, avocado and ever-famous pesto spreads they use.

All the produce used at The Green Market is delivered fresh each morning; not only because they want to serve the best food possible, but because they need to! When you serve around 500 customers a day, the need for fresh food to be delivered each morning is a MUST. Along with their produce, they bake their bread daily and get it delivered in the morning.

With around fifteen different sandwich options alone there is something for everyone at The Green Market! And with their ingredients right in front of your eyes, this place was somewhere I could trust for a good meal (which is why I probably keep coming back). Go green, hit up The Green Market!

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