Sweet P’s

Dear Peyton and Parker,

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m your aunt T! I met you yesterday, May 15th at 10:02am and 10:05am when you quietly came into the world, welcome! Everybody loves you so much! You arrived really early, after only 25 weeks inside your mom, but you scrappy little 1 pound dudes are fighting so hard to be here. I’m so amazed by you.

You know who else is scrappy? Your mom and dad! Makes sense. 24 hours after a 17 hour labor and an emergency c-section, your mom left the hospital, traveled over an hour to get to you in the NICU, and she’s covering you with love from a wheelchair by your sides. Daddy has a love-drunk smile plastered across his face, he is so proud of you both and radiating love all around you.

You boys have a sweet sister dog named Charlie, and two cats named Meow Meow and Cheeto who are going to guard you, love you, and demand a lot of attention!

Parker, I love you so much sweet pea! You have been up against all odds, and you keep fighting. I love you so much!

Peyton, littlest one, keep hanging in there, I love you!

Sweet P’s, I’m so happy to be your Aunt T, and I have so much love for you. You don’t speak any English, but that’s perfect because words couldn’t describe how much I love you! We all can’t wait to hold you and kiss you and give you the world!

I love you.

Aunt T

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