The Artist Experience

Artist- (Noun)-…

What defines an Artist? What defines art?

Hello! My name is Tasneem Ahmad Al-Michael. Welcome to The Artist Experience; a self-created project based on discovering, understanding, and creating Art through stories and personal experiences. You may ask as to why I created a blog. This blog allows me to express myself as a member of society, a writer, and as a student of Art.

Your next question is probably: What is the Art that you create/study/perform etc.? Well… its an amazing imbroglio of beautiful things. I’ll shorten this down to actor, vocalist, writer, and poet. I guess you can probably add blogger to the list now.

(On a side note, imbroglio is my favorite word.)

In continuation, the project is to help distribute the wealth of knowledge found in Art through a result of piqued interest. Aside from personal experiences, I will document the lives of Artists that I acknowledge in my personal life. I really do feel as though this blog will contribute immensely with my own life, as well as instill positive vibes in you, the reader!

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