Urban Resilience: Location Intelligence for Waste Management

As we know the problem of improper solid waste management in developing countries is a well debated topic and a known issue for quite some time. While there has been improvements but we can say at least in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, improvement has been much slower and there hasn’t been much reform in the DCC’s practices to manage the waste. But let’s talk about this problem in context with all cities in the developing countries.

With increasing population, urbanization, rapid grown in community standards of living, has greatly added to the pace at which solid waste is produced. But the major issue being not much rapid growth according to the rate of waste generated, in terms of infrastructure and technology for managing, processing, transporting and scavenging this waste effectively and efficiently. Typical challenges faced by the municipals being resource allocation, machinery and its maintenance, complaint handling, and most importantly tracking of the resources.

There is a dire need to solve these problems and a major factor or say catalyst to help solve the issue can be the infusion of location analytics in this field as well.