Why I started this blog?

In the 21st Century, Technology is leading in the frontier of innovations that is enabling users to connect across borders, countries, industries and interests. One way that businesses are able to stay relevant irrespective of the challenges of business in today’s world is through the use of software applications installed on devices or accessed through browsers and devices.

According to statistics by Statista 6 trillion dollars was spent globally on enterprise applications, 34 billion USD was spent globally on mobile applications in the 2nd quarter of 2021 and there were 27.6 billion downloads on the Google Playstore in the 3rd Quarter of 2021.

This proves that software usage is increasing and there is lot of opportunities and profits to be made. It would have been pleasant to see in-depth statistics on African consumers per country and the apps that have been the most relevant to them. I may not have come across them yet but this is my vision to be one of the most relevant business blogs that speak on software businesses that are targeted towards the African Consumer and to share their experiences with software.

I’m here to tell the African story differently and shed light on important factors that are relevant to users pertaining to their location: country, city or town, work: business, profits, loss, financials and economy, lifestyle: their personal preferences amongst other factors. On this blog I will be breaking down the concepts about software applications and software business so the average business owner can understand their industry, facts and what their potential users need.

Finally the goal is to write short blogs that you can read in 5–15 minutes, summarizing information I gather so you can read on the go! I’m going to keep it simple and short and I look forward to engaging you all through questions, comments and suggestions.

I am a Ghanaian, born and bred in Accra the Capital of Ghana with 6 years of experience in consulting for businesses through my software development company Ampersand Technologies Limited.

Written by :

Lady-Omega Hammond,

The African Software Business Writer



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The African Software Business Writer (tasbwriter)

The African Software Business Writer (tasbwriter)

An #African writer focused on writing about #software #business applications merging #technology and #business