Every new journey begins with a first step.

Four years ago, Jonas, Roland and I started a company with a vague vision: we wanted to enable people to create meaningful videos on their mobile devices with the same ease as taking photos. We worked on a couple of ideas and prototypes in order to strengthen our vision and gain important knowledge and experience. We started to understand the space and the challenges on product as well as on tech-side. Eventually, all these learnings ended up in what became world-famous as Dubsmash.

Dubsmash is one of the very few apps that people all around the world love to use, because it is so easy to create and share videos and to be 😜 — fun, crazy, foolish or just someone else. What started in a basement office in Berlin became an app with a worldwide reach. At Dubsmash, I had the honour to hire and work with the best people in business, product development and most of all engineers that one can find here in Berlin. We even managed to get some great talents from outside Germany, who moved here to work with us. We scaled the app, back-end systems and infrastructure to support the first million, later 10 million and now over 100 million users globally, serving an unimaginable amount of traffic and hundreds of million requests every month.

Knowing that we are having the best team in place, I am convinced that the company is setup for success, further growth, product innovation and technical excellence. After four years of building Mobile Motion, it is time for me to do the first step to face new challenges. I will take some time for myself, go traveling for a while and I am already excited to start something new with renewed energy in a few months.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at daniel@taschik.de to share and bounce ideas off me.

Thanks to everyone who joined the ride. Go 🦄 !


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