Letter to my Dearest 😐

The hardest thing is know nothing. If you know what’s coming or what s going on you still can prepare yourself to embrace whatever is coming your way. Not knowing anything just kill you from inside.

I will never know what you think, what you want, what is inside your head unless you let me know. So plz just let me know . I crave your attention , I crave the love and care you use to do. But now a days it’s just arguments . Seems like I dnt know you, who you are !!! Really who you Are!!!!!! I wonder … at the same time I also feel you also are in a same spot , you just do not understand me . I am not that hard to read, it’s you who hide everything inside yourself. You never really let me in. I love you so deeply I can t imagine my life without you. But here you are giving me every possible vibes that you just do not need me anymore. Whenever you shut yourself it’s just so difficult to understand what’s in your mind.

Too much love is always dangerous. Too much love just make you weak. It’s like those bacteria who kill you from inside and you do not even know that you are falling apart .

It hurts me when you yell, when you talk rude stuffs to me. You where my Prince who treated me like a princess . But now all I get is just humiliation.

Money surely can not buy happiness- this quote is so fucking true!!!!! You gave me everything just forget to love me instead 😑

I just do not know what way , which better way I can let you know that I love you and it just broke my heart every time when I just cnt feel or see the love in your eyes . I’m so broken at I am afraid that some day soon I might even stop feeling the pain 💔

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