Waiting, still Did not hear from you!!!

Waiting is the most painful thing in this world. And then again time is the most precise thing which we just waste by waiting or let other wait for yourself.

I have a very bad memory . I forget things every now and then , I know I can’t fix this. Every time I think I should confront my love whatever is happening in my mind. But every time whether I forgot or I just think will share it later , as I have so much time left. But after almost 5 years of relationship now I think I actually do not know him well. And I wonder if he feels the same about me too !!!!

I am in that position where I should not complain , cz I got what I wanted . Nobody forcing me to be the way I am. I just do not know what is the problem with me. Why I am this miserable . I wanted only one thing from my love is just to hear me out. I feel so sad when he gives me silent treatment 😑 it’s so weird not knowing what are you thinking or are you even thinking about me or not!!!! These time that we are wasting its not coming back. All I wanted to spend my whole time with you , but then again I know that annoys you. People say when two person wants the same thing that is love. But I think two person are two different thoughts , they can never want the same thing . To avoid arguments it’s always one person has to agree with other vision. That means all we do is adjustment. I actually do not know the definition of love …it’s yet to find !!!!!