Yes I know that my Mona Lisa example is not right, because there would be legal implications on it.
Pablo A. Mayobre

Actually, yes, I would be fine if you were able to put Scolding Mother there… What a great idea. Perhaps you could install it after 30 years, the same timeframe as the bull had, before time dulled its own symbolism. Some people had already viewed the bull as a symbol of corporate greed, even before the second statue was ever installed. Corporate America had more than survived the 80s crash — it has contributed towards the ever yawning divide between the rich and the poor.

Hopefully the need to represent a feminism-themed struggle will have diminished in 30 years i.e that there will be gender parity before then. In a way, the scolding mother would be effective too, as a symbol of protective womanhood, deigning to acknowledge the blustering bull while passing on wisdom to the girl… That would be fantastic.

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