From an Extra in ‘Law & Order’ to the Next WWE Writer

Kyle smiling for a photo at Montclair State Journalism Workshop; Photo by Tasha Bulgin

,Kyle Kulikowski is a recent graduate of the Sayreville High School. He currently lives with his mother and father in Central Jersey but plans to attend Montclair State University in the fall.

While he will be attending Montclair he also applied to a lot of other schools that he was accepted to, even schools he felt he had no chance of getting into, like, NYU and UCLA. He felt there was no harm in trying and decided to just go for it.

He has two siblings, his sister who is five years older than him and works with special needs kids, and a brother who is 10 years younger.

When asked about the infamous middle child syndrome that everyone knows and loves, he jokingly stated that he is the ‘forgotten one’ in his family.

His favorite celebrity is Selena Gomez because she is down to earth and real. A quote from Kyle on this topic is, “I think that’s so hard to be real right now because people are so focused on social media.”

Kyle hanging out on the stairs at Montclair State; Photo by Tasha Bulgin

Kyle is outgoing and likes to do spontaneous things. When asked what’s the most spontaneous thing he ever did he replied, “My family lives in Missouri, a farm town, and I really wanted to go there so when I was 12, I took a flight there by myself and while it was really scary for a 12 year old, it was spontaneous.”

He was also featured as an extra on HBO’s Girls along with Divorce, and Law and Order. He gained experience and inspiration from this opportunity to keep working for what he wants. He has big dreams and will eventually achieve his goals.

He also told the story of how he was in Missouri with his family when his episode of Law and Order aired. He also explained what it was like to meet the famous actors in the show.

Kyle chose to attend Montclair State due to the fact that it has a spectacular journalism program. While it is close to home, it still gives him distance and room to grow.

He also stated that it was really close to New York, which is a state that has a lot of opportunities.

Kyle developed an interest in journalism as he likes to talk, tell stories and share these stories with other people.

Due to his interest in creative writing, he would like to write story lines for wrestlers in the W.W.E.

Kyle wants to break down the stereotype that celebrities are above people or that celebrities are not humans like the rest of us, which is something he would like to achieve in his future journalism career.