Accurate As Fuck: ‘Insecure’ Season 1 Power Rankings
G. Hylton

I agree that Molly (and maybe even Issa) needs to see a therapist, but I don’t understand why you didn’t say that about Lawrence as well. The dude wasn’t just unemployed for a year or two (which isn’t abnormal in this economy), but FOUR years! What does that say about his self-esteem at this point? What level of depression do you have to be in to be unemployed (and living off another non-parental person as an adult) for FOUR years? I think Molly and Lawrence are tied for who needs therapy the most. Issa is just a coward, and definitely insecure. But she’s also young. Most young girls are insecure.

In one season both Lawrence and Issa have grown as people. However, Issa has always been a functioning adult. Lawrence hasn’t been. That’s how bad his depression must’ve been. He sabotaged that relationship as much as Issa did, he just killed it slowly while she shot it straight in the head. He must also have self-worth issues if he felt that turning down jobs “beneath him” while making no money was a way to go. (I waitressed even when I had my masters, because I knew a job didn’t define who I was. But paying my bills on time and being a self-sufficient adult sure did.) The issues Lawrence has is something therapy can help with and I think it’s interesting that many articles (and the show itself) have no problem exploring the idea that Molly needs therapy, but won’t do that for Lawrence who is clearly suffering from depression.

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