Profiles : A venture to capture the thoughts and visions of Phone Photographers from different parts of the world.

It all started when Javier Siriani of Popckorn , who happens to be one of my friends since 2016 asked me if I would like to join Popckorn and create and manage posts in English for them. Now, Popckorn is a blog created by Javier Siriani which aims at providing better audience to the mobile photographers through their blog features,mobilephotography fests etc. Also, I should mention that I myself started my venture in the world of photography via mobilephotography I was in no state to refuse such an offer.

The first few days at Popckorn, I took my time to see what I must do to ensure a better audience to everyone also not missing the point that my posts should be encouraging the upcoming generations to not wonder about what device is the best for photography but rather believe in their visions and believe in whatever device they had.

“The best camera is the one you have with you now; even if its a phone camera”

Then it struck my mind why not interview photographers across the world and by photographers I meant not only the professional ones but also the semi professionals and the hobbyist too. Only then ,I thought that Popckorn would in a true sense fullfil its moto “TO COMMUNICATE STORIES THROUGH SNACKABLE CONTENT.”


The response my decision got was quite amazing as I within a week had got a number of interviews from some of the notable contributers to the world of photography. My first interviews were of Sylvie Gagelmann , from Hamburg, Germany currently residing over at Berlin, and Mike James from Geelong in Australia.

Both Sylvie and Mike are notable photographers from their own region and working upon their own projects ;Sylvie on Goodfeelphotography, which aims at understanding what people feel in front and behind the camera, what they are, can be and want to be ;while Mike on Better Mobile Photos , an attempt to make better mobile photographs by giving lessons via workshops and tutorials.

For me as a new comer to this field , it was a tremendous boost that I could get an interview of them as not only it did boost my confidence but also gave me a hint on what my vision should be while promoting mobile photography.

The days following these interview was again a new phase for me as started getting more contacts to people who would like to be interviewed as well which I would share in a later story.

Till then read my interviews, follow Popckorn.

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Happy snack time.