You are independent when you free yourself.

7 days ago was the independence of my home country

6 years and 7 days ago, on this same date, I had my first shout of independence going to live by myself in a very tiny apartment I could call mine. You looked around and could see my fingerprint in every piece of furniture.

I was a young reckless 19 years old woman and I had the power of shape my living place. In some ways, it was indeed too much responsibility for that crazy, wild and dreamful Tashi.

At some point of my independence adventure, my journey crossed the way of an organization with the purpose of striving for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Took me a time to understand how this organization actually does that.

In fact, it is very simple: Sending young people abroad to live cross-cultural experiences and develop leadership qualities. Among Social Projects, Professional Projects or Entrepreneurial Projects there are thousands and thousands of leadership experiences being developed around the world. To be more precise, last year, more than 40k people challenged themselves to live it.

To provide the best environment to the ones who are traveling and to rethink all the customer journey of each one of the exchange participants, AIESEC has more than 30 thousand members in 124 countries. Long numbers, I know.

Therefore, the weight of having people’s lives on your hands has the aging power to any spoiled early-adult. We are talking daughters, sons, siblings, cousins and special people to other people. It creates a chain of care and love.

I have been one of those AIESEC members for 5 years and 5 months. From Local Member to International Director. I guess it is pointless saying here how I have changed. From outside to inside. From the tiny apartment to 18 countries visited.

It was a great, impactful, tough and long journey. Although looking back now it looks like a blink.

This is the curious think about memories. If you live in intensity, you connect some images to some people and some memories. Suddenly, when you look back, it all becomes a blurry shade of facts and many feelings. Lots of them. You cannot differentiate anymore. But it is fine because you felt something. And, if we are alive, we shall feel. We shall put our shit together and embrace uncertainty. We must have a nerve attack sometimes. We must have a cultural shock. We must step into the unknown. Hit the ground and rise again.

Well, it just happens if you are able to make choices in order to feel. To guide your way for freedom, not looking for redemption or applause.

Six years ago I broke the cord of living under a safe and comfortable roof. I had my own kinda-sketchy — yet mine — place. Currently, I feel inner-freedom. I understand the power of being responsible and careful towards others and my choices.

Now I am getting my way to follow these lasts sentences. I am living an AIESEC product.

I am going to Thailand to work with the Sustainable Development Goal number 10: Reduce Inequalities. I will be responsible for my journey and for the perception that those kids will have from the world. It is scary. But, as people say: If it does not scare you, it does not change you.

Come, Thailand, I am ready for you. #Tashi4GlobalGoals

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