Are Wallets Really That Important?

If you’ve ever been given grief for not carrying a wallet with all your personal items in one place, better yet… If you’ve ever cornered someone for not carrying a wallet so that “everything is in its correct place”

This story is for you!

For the sake of the story and objectivity let’s call the protagonist of the story Nowalletine (pronounced: No- wallet-ine). Nowalletine, is today, a regular 23 year old girl who works at a jewelry store.

She used to have money stuffed in her pockets or her bag. She would take an eon to tender exact change but she got by, she was happy. She was the one who, more often than not, had money because lets face it, no one forgets to carry their pants when they go out for a quick bite BUT her happiness was short-lived. The people around her started calling her careless. Little Nowalletine all of 23 thought it would be her first step towards being a grown-up. She decided to buy a nice big wallet for herself and put everything that was precious in that one wallet. So she started putting her house keys, her drivers permit (which had her home address on it), all her cash and visiting cards that she so eagerly collected in the wallet. Slowly as the weeks passed, she understood why people carried them; She even started putting memorabilia (She was quite the hoarder) in the said wallet. Her first concert tickets went in there, random notes written to her, bookmarks that she picked up form quaint stores that she went to during her many travels abroad… ALL in one place!

All easily accessible to her , not hidden away in a tiny box in her cupboard that she would probably see when she was cleaning it. She had become Walletine.

Just when she’s on top of the bell curve, when she’s gotten rid of the ‘NO’ in her name…there comes a slope, a steep one.

One morning, a regular working day she’s walking to get on the bus. Forming opinions that she will assert throughout the day AND just when she’s deciding whether or not she likes the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers Album… Someone (lets call him Wallet-Myth-Breaker) steals her wallet!

She couldn’t get it back, the rest of the story is irrelevant. With it she lost a piece of her. The eon that she spent tendering change didn’t seem like very long anymore. Reminiscing only when her cupboard was cleaned didn’t seem like the worst idea. Instead, she was left with an emptiness. An important part of her history had been stolen from her. If she didn’t have the wallet the Wallet-Myth-Breaker would only be able to steal her money. Money that didn’t have memories attached to it. Money, the loss of which wouldn’t crush the part of her soul that still lived in those memories.

The purpose of this story (If you’ve been patient enough to read it) isn’t to rant about how wallets are useless. It is simply to oppose the imposition of everything being in its “right place” according to you, not according to me. What’s right for one, isn’t always right for another.
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