Being Interested Is more Important Than Being Interesting

“Learning From book How To Win Friends And Influence People”

I have read the Chapter “Ways to Make People Like You “of Book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by “Dale Carnegie”.

I came to know that in this chapter Dale Carnegie gave examples of Famous people i.e; Napoleon, Alfred Adler, Howard Thurs ton, George Dyke, Theodore Roosevelt. i learn from these examples that if we show are interest in discussion with other people and to know about them it makes a good impression.

Saying by Dale Carnegie at the end of Chapter

“Many Thanksgivings have come and gone since I was ten, but one never passes without me remembering that particular one and my feelings of frustration, fear, loneliness and the warmth and tenderness of the stranger that somehow made it all bearable.”

I learned from the principle that was written at end if we want other people like us and we want to develop real friendship then we should follow this principle.

“Become Genuinely Interested In Other People”

“Experience From Being Interested In People”

It was a very difficult but interesting challenge for me, it was a learning experience. If we show interest in other people, they feel that they are important. This feeling makes them happy.

When i communicate with my class fellows they became excited to answer me and they were enjoying the conversation and answer me very friendly and also share their personal things that they had not share with anyone else.

My behavior & attitude made them relax and they talked me without any hesitation. They shared their goals, routine works, weekend activities, challenges and future goals also.

So, I recommend everyone to show Being interested in other people rather than just being interesting. Because it is necessary for a successful and real relationship e.g; Friendship. This thing make A chain between people.

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